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Here's where we'll post news about upcoming ASL related events in the Puget Sound area. This page is updated as often as we receive info about new events. If you have a correction or want to add something, please send E-mail to: bpickering@csworld.com

NW ASL Championships

The scenario list for the NW ASL Championships has been published as of 1/23/2006:

35 Blazin' Chariots
54 Bridge to Nowhere
84 Round One
A88 Surprise Encounter
A103 Mayhem in Manilla (deluxe)
A104 In Front of the Storm
A111 Cattern's Position
A119 Showdown in Syria
J41 By Ourselves
J46 Strongpoint 11
J53 Setting the Stage
J60 Bad Luck
J69 Army at the Edge of the World
tbd- 2 scenarios from AoO
BtB1 Taking Tailleville
RBF9 Rolling Stones
OB9 Oriola Force
SSII-FF10 Blackjack is Back!
SP2 Holding the Hotton Bridge
SP3 Duel at Reuler
SP12 Piano Lupo
SP32 Over Open Sights
SP61 Objective Exodus
DB001 Brasche Encounter
DB012 First Clash in Tunisia
CH34 The Lighthouse
CH41 Test of Nerves


Metro Seattle Gamers is located at 1139 NW Market St in Seattle (phone #: 206.781.0047)

Here's a Map! For more details on how to get there, try MAPQUEST.COM!
Go to Mapquest.com for more cool maps!!!


The Puget Sound Advanced Squad Leader club meets on the first and third Saturday of every month (see schedule on our home page) at Gary's Games in Greenwood (8539 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA). To reach Gary's Games, take the N. 85th exit off I-5, follow for a mile or so to Greenwood and take a right, Gary's is on the left next to McDonald's. Our gaming session lasts during store hours, which are 9am to 5pm. For more information about how to get to Gary's Games, give the shop a call at 206-789-8891. Gary's Games offers a 10% discount on all ASL material (of which they have a great selection) during our game days. Contact Jeff Newell (jnewell@nwlink.com) if you want to arrange a match beforehand, as attendance can vary. It's usually open gaming but we sometimes have mini-tourneys or special events.

Here's a Map! For more details on how to get there, try MAPQUEST.COM!
Go to Mapquest.com for more cool maps!!!


More ASL than you can shake a Stuka at! Three full days of ASL gaming in Olympia over Memorial Day weekend. Check out the Enfilade! website for details! Enfilade! for more information about Enfilade!.

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