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Some of our members have written articles about ASL, or are creating other player's aids for the game.

Sam Belcher's Idiot's Guide to ASL, or Stuff I Forget. A helpful player's aid to look at before you play a scenario!

Mark Wensnahan's ASL with Miniatures is spotlighted in this brief article / AAR.

Dan Owsen examines the rules applicable to gun set-up locations.

The wit of Sam Belcher is in the spotlight in this collection of his Spuddy winning humor from the ASL-ML.

Our most prolific writer to date is Robert Delwood. You can read some of his articles, editorials and rants on his web page at: http://www.delwood.org/squadleader.html Robert is also working on a player's aid for Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader (which he calls SALSA) that sounds way cool. Beta versions in both Mac and PC flavors are available for download at his web site. Also, Robert provides downloads of our club newsletter, CX'd!

Some of our other members will possibly dispense of their wit, wisdom and wildness at a future date!