Costco Australia, one great place to do your shopping

Costco Wholesale Corporation operates an international chain of membership warehouses, under the “Costco Wholesale” name, that carry quality, brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices than are typically found at conventional wholesale or retail sources. The warehouses are designed to help small-to-medium-sized businesses reduce costs in purchasing for resale and for everyday business use. Individuals may also purchase for their personal needs.

As of May, 2014, Costco has 652 warehouses:

In May 2014 Costco opened another store in Australia bringing, as the Moreton Bay Regional Council mayor Allan Sutherland said, jobs and growth to the booming region. The North Lakes store will be the sixth Costco to open in Australia, and one of the few offering petrol to members.

Allan Sutherland underlined that Queensland is welcoming the new approach to retail that also promises to usher in a “new era at the petrol pump”.

“Costco will cement North Lakes’ reputation as a retail shopping destination for all of southeast Queensland, and that means local jobs and additional investment in our region.

He also saluted the hundreds direct and indirect jobs that were generated in the Moreton Bay Region with the Costco’s arrival and said that it’s also likely to create additional competition at the petrol bowser which is obviously good for local motorists and the local economy.

“If Costco’s success in the southern states is anything to go by, the opening of the North Lakes warehouse signals the beginning of a retail revolution that will deliver additional shoppers to the Moreton Bay Region and benefits for existing retailers.

“There’s a lot to be excited about,” he declared for The Courier Mail.

All Costco deals and specials from their online catalogue are now available on together with the store hours and details on how to get to every Costco store.

Wednesday is the Best Day of the Week for Grocery Shopping in the USA

Welcome to the speed generation, we are all so focused on how to get as much as we can from each and every work week and we have so less time to do all that we want. Still there is something that we are doing willingly or not: grocery. Not all have the fortune or mood to go out each and every day for every meal so we have to do it ourselves and the good thing is that we can cook as we wish. This basic need of every human takes us to the main issue: food shopping and which is the best time for saving time and money on groceries.

It seems that even experts on shoppers’ behavior and shoppers’ advisers agreed that Wednesday is a hot day to buy groceries. This is the day when approximately half of the retailers start their weekly sales for about half of the country. Just in case, you should better check to see when the flyers and circulars are released in your community.

The Hump Day was mainly known as the ideal time for getting the gas tanks on full. Before stations increase their prices for weekend drivers, the best time of the week to grab gas is declared to Wednesday. But maybe you should also take in consideration that supermarkets tend to decrease prices on items that soon will reach their expiration date during that time frame.

The middle of the work week may be the best food shopping day. Although it is considered that Wednesday is the best day to buy gas, this Hump Day is also a perfect day for getting those checks on your grocery list.

Whilst Fridays are full of shoppers, many grocery stores release their new sale ads on Wednesday so their sales flyers will hit the mailbox on Tuesday, with prices good from Wednesday on. If there is something needed for stock up the haunt of the isles should be made on Hump Day. This particular day brings less stress with the crowds and higher chances for good deals.

It seems that a consumer survey says monthly food budgets have decreased by 7% in the last year. This shrunk was explained by the rising gas prices and a still weak job market so the Americans had to reconfigure on spending less on groceries. Families earning less than $75,000 are saving the most, reducing grocery budgets by 10%.

Their saving method is as follows: 22% are shopping at cheaper stores, 43% are buying less food and more than half of shoppers are paying closer attention to what they’re putting in the carts. For even a better adjustment they should add Wednesday-night food runs to their list.

If you decide to go in the evening or a couple of hours prior to closing, you will understand why this time window is even greater. This is the moment when perishables are typically reduced for quick sale and the Produce, Bakery or Meat departments will often reduce the price by up to 50% to encourage quick sales being concerned about having too much stock left over at the end of the day.

To conclude, Wednesday is not only the day that announces the coming of the weekend but also the perfect time to go and get that offers that matter from your favorite grocery stores.

To shop or not to shop on Black Friday… this is the question

Black Friday used us with discounts, unbearable and hard to resist temptations and huge crazy crowds of people. Then it brought us the online sales that helped with crowd control. Still, this concept raises some questions: why does this day starts for some stores in July and ends in December? Are they really all discounts or honey for the bears? Should we really get stressed on how to grab that deals or chill?

We are all a big and happy consumers “family”. We like shopping and use it in any way we can. We are deceived by beautiful offers that are only a mist. Should we or shouldn’t we go hunting for deals on Black Friday? Every man for himself can decide that … but take in consideration these facts:

If you decide to shop, don’t go to the mall and make tons of purchases you’ll later regret. Keep your shopping appetite under control and everything will work out fine.

Going to shop on Black Friday is like getting a ten dishes dinner if you are overweight. If you buy too much you will have consequences following shortly… and they won’t be gentle.

Don’t go making foolish buying decisions. The most common error occurs when we are drawn into the store by the possibility of an incredible doorbuster deal. Usually, these deals are available in a limited number of units and when shoppers lose this deals, sometimes they go ahead and buy a similar item—for a much more expensive price just because they just don’t like to be left out. They also hate the idea that they could come home empty-handed after waking up before dawn, tired and begging for a coffee, and driving to the mall, the entire experience proving to be a gigantic waste of time. They want to participate and get the action, even if that means getting much less for much more $.

And here is the bare truth: there are alternatives to Black Friday shopping – you could also just not shop. This is permitted. Chill and buy nothing at all. Will you miss out? Of course. But that is OK. There have been “pre-Black Friday” and early Cyber Monday sales, there will be Cyber Monday itself, and surely there will be more and more deals to come after that. You can’t go shopping during all of these “precious” sales. Nor should you try.

Last but not least, educate yourself before you buy! If you are looking to make a big purchase make sure you know the pros and cons of what you are shopping for before you get started.